Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I offer counseling in English, Italian and French. I have a particular expertise and interest in working with cross-cultural and cross-national couples, foreigners, immigrants/emigrants, and US citizens who want to explore and understand better their and their loved ones' ethnic and cultural background or are adjusting to a new culture and environment at different stages in their lives. 

I look at how culture and society impact people’s lives and I integrate multicultural awareness into treatment from the earliest phases and throughout the process. I love working with people’s experiences of relocation, migration, mobility, inter-cultural marriage, mullticultural families, and ethnic and cultural inter-generational legacies. I believe that multicultural awareness, curiosity, and respect are fundamental skills and values in today's world and are the base of a good therapeutic relationship.

Offro terapia in inglese, italiano e francese. E' particolarmente interessata e qualificata a lavorare con coppie di cultura e nazionalita' mista, stranieri, immigrati, emigranti e cittadini americani che desiderano comprendere meglio le loro radici culturali e quelle dei loro cari o che si stanno ambientando in una nuova cultura in fasi diverse della loro vita.

J' offre thérapie en anglais, français et italien. Je suis particulièrement intéressée à travailler avec des couples de culture et nationalités mixtes, etrangers et citoyens américains ou autre, qui souhaitent mieux comprendre leurs racines culturelles et celles de leurs proches ou qui sont en train de s'adjuster a une ambiance nouvelle.