Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Why relational therapy?

I offer “relational therapy” because I believe that relationships are at the core of our human experience.

I believe that our ultimate purpose, and what our deepest nature pushes us towards, is to communicate, connect, and share. We all want and have a need to share ourselves and to fulfill our lives with others, and it is through loving relationships of many kinds that we find our truest meaning and realize our fullest potential.

I study the psychology of relationships, the emotions, expectations, and fears surrounding them, and the biology of relationships, or how our bodies experience and express attachment. I also study communication and how culture and society influence our relationships. I was trained in Family Systems therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment therapy, and more.

I work with couples to explore and understand their patterns of communication, their beliefs and expectations, their deeper emotions, and the external contexts that influence them. I also work with couples to identify and express their needs, and to first build and then maintain a stronger bond between them.  

Whether I’ll meet you with your partner, family members, or alone, we’ll look at how to balance your need to be your own person and your need to stay connected to your loved ones because I believe finding this balance, and understanding what it look like for each individual, is what makes us happy.